UQM Tools

The Ur-Quan Masters / Project 6014 tools

To make modding The Ur-Quan Masters and development on Project 6014 easier I've created a few tools that allow people to edit some basic datafiles used in both projects.

Project 6014 Dialog Scripting Tool

The Dialog Scripting Tool is a HTML/JavaScript tool I wrote that makes writing and debugging project 6014 dialogue scripts easy. It follows p6014's DialogLanguage closely.


StarmapJS is a HTML/JavaScript starmap rendering of the starmap from Star Control 2. It's primarily meant to allow end-users to search for stars in an automated and visual way. The starmap has several visualisation options and can also render Project 6014's starmap.


UQMDialogTool is a simple tool to edit dialogue strings. Place it in the same folder as your UQM binary.

Get the Java binary here. Source (ZLIB) here.


UQMNamegen generates random names from patterns. Based on my interpretation of phonetics. :)

Get the Java binary here. Source (ZLIB) here.


UQMAnimationTool is capable of showing a .ani/.big/.med/.sml file from UQM. Does not actually show the proper animations (those are in code).

Get the Java binary here. Source (ZLIB) here.


UQMConversation is a tool that combines UQMDialogTool with a dialog structure editor. Essentially, UQMConversation allows you to create dialog trees and convert them into raw source code for usage with UQM or P6014. It also includes a 'conversation simulator' that allows you to preview the conversation you're creating.

Get the Java binary here. Source (ZLIB) here. Another screenshot here.

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