Like playing UQM, but always feel pressured and not-at-ease due to the red slaveshield visible behind our beloved Starbase Commander? WELL FEAR NOT, since you have now the possibility to rotate the Starbase 180 degrees, and make it look out over the awesome stars and nebulae instead, away from the sick red throbbing of the slave shield!

Oooooooooooooooh! Hey, Hayes! I remember those stars and nebulae behind you! They're from the intro, aren't they?

Want it?
Gets it here!

BUGS are there, though.. Specifically with when you start a new game. It appears as if my modified images aren't given the 'low power' effect that you see when Hayes asks you to get radioactives from Mercury. The only parts of the picture that get applied this effect are the files I hadn't modified (Hayes' eyes and the 'green lights effect' at the bottom of the screen)... Not sure why this happens, but it does, unfortunately:

What software did I make this with?
MSPaint and Irfanview (I used Irfanview to save the files as PNG files)..

If you want to make your own graphics mod like this, here's a pre-edited image for you to base your modification on.. Remember, though, you'll probably have to make many modifications to other, tinier PNG files...

For those who are modding UQM (ALL ONE OF YOU... :P), here's something interesting..

You can get that awesomeness over here.
(By the way, this doesn't display the vindicator, indeed. Mostly because I really didn't bother going through all the vindicator images again and making 'em fit nicely and such. If you want to make your own Starbase-commander-with-custom-background and can't be bothered with the Vindicator either, base your graphics mod on this mod, and read the .bat file's comments...) (Also, this could probably use some extra REAL ARTIST attention, since my way of adding in extra stars and such was.. err... by using MSpaint's "airbrush", which sucks royally.. :P)

License: CC by-nc-sa 2.5 - may also be copied freely as part of a distribution of UQM